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Stimulated by appropriate variety shows and TV-castings, it consider, in the meantime, more and more people whether they aren't suited also to the activity than model or artist (singer, dancer, actor, extra etc.). 
The fluctuation in these areas has too taken during the last years very much. Still ten, fifteen years ago everybody knew the top models and top actors with the name.Today there are so many of the fact that none knows the names.Also the time which these top artists are at the head is very much limited.
Today at the head and tomorrow again forget – this is almost aHowever, the fees have also risen partially so that one can maybe build up his complete future on a good order and protect. 
Fact is, that more and more people, immediately which age, of appearance or gender who have chance to get a job as an extra or model who want to earn some money to themselves with a nice "hobby" in addition. It isn't any more the "classical beauty" which is asked, but mostly the nice woman, nice man, the nice girl and the nice boy next door whose type is asked!
And in all areas! 
The inquiry of the enterprises in Advertising, television branch and film branch after more and more new faces and characters found this development.
With some it will be a nice hobby, with many some euro of pocket money specially and with some an income which is sufficient in addition to be able to live well on it. 
Indeed, do not know most how they should do to achieve her aim.
So they announce themselves on any artist's side where to them blue is promised by the sky and faithful the motto:  
„If is a big chance, and belongs to it also to the suitable investment!“ 
if many "notes" from the pocket, partially thousand and more euro are pulled to them for it by some black sheep in our branch. 
If the "newcomer's artist" should get then really one more order, becomes clear to this usually fast for whom he works if the calculation comes for agency commission.Then remain to she / he self-partially only from 40 to 60% of the deserving fee.
Of it maybe still precosts for Displays/journey/catering drawn off, and the profit lies with maybe still 20% of the whole fee, if generally. 
It is right that one must invest something if one have fun or something wants to reach. Every hobby costs for the moment money. For the equipment. But one can make purchases expensive or reasonably. Reasonably - but not cheap, because with a bad tennis racquet they will also take no pleasure in the play.
And here is the KLR group for you: We take the view that too many people with wrong hopes are lured to make some rich which wake up wrong and mostly not at all attainable dreams of a top career as a model or actor in these people and pull with it the money from the pocket. However, you don't vouch that it gets maybe only one or one of X thousands to live on this activity and certainly.
It is important that even more belongs to it, than to see well from:a good education which enables to move certainly on the parquet. The foreign languages, like in English and/or in French which allow the communication in the set,a positive setting to a partly really hard job, as well asLoading capacity and flexibility are basic conditions without which a failure of the big aims is preprogrammed. 
We enable to you to find your way to find out whether you are suitable and help you to recognise whether you want to make the whole one generally real and are able.Thousands of artists from all areas have failed because they, partially shortly before achievement of her personal aim, have surrendered. We want for you that you can realise a really nice and interesting hobby with these aims.
And we allow to you a way to reach something. By the cooperation with different serious enterprises from the branch (seminar organizer, div. We can offer schools, photographers, Visagisten etc.) to you the craft stuff necessary for it. Also we offer shortly own seminars and trainings on certain subjects to top conditions. 
Whether you accept this, lies only completely with yourselves.
It is always your sole decision!
Maybe just you are:that or that which has the makings and the nerves of it?that or that which is discovered?that or that (very much, very much a few) which becomes the star?
Now, here and today this can say nobody. This brings the time, our and your efforts and as the most important: our customers – your future principals!
If you want to know how it goes on what you must know and be able to have really the chance of success, then you get in contact with us: 
We mediate and promote in the following areas: 
other artists 

We would be glad if we may accompany you with your hobby which maybe becomes an occupation.

Project development and planning, counseling, mediation:

As project planners and managers with over twenty years of experience in diverse areas of the automotive and construction industries (biggest project: BMW Rolls Royce GmbH development center, Berlin Dahlewitz, project manager for administration buildings, including planning and coordination of transfers from Bristol, GB, Lohof at. Munich and Oberursel to Dahlewitz, and procurement of furniture and equipment for all offices and sociality rooms), 

I offer my services to in-depth knowledge and inventiveness, optimum utilization of time and punctuality, as well as a distinct cost and responsibility.

Standby outside normal working week and on weekends and holidays are of course for me.

The whole I round off with loyalty to the client and cooperative collaboration with all parties.

As Mediator I stand with competence and professional and life experience in an absolutely neutral relationship with all involved parties. Cooperation with lawyers is also ensured when necessary.

We offer all our strength our customers and our business partners, in the same way as our artists.
Whether customer or artist - try us!
Let us grow together and be successful!
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